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Gave up trying to hone my wedge with my Coti's


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Today I decided to hone a near wedge, I set the bevel with a King 1k gave it a little go on the 6k, before moving on to my Novelle vein. Alas with slurry the edge seemed to go off a bit even after dilution. I moved onto the hybrid side of a Les Lats which helped a bit but really wasn't getting anywhere.

In the end I moved onto a Dragons Tongue then finished with my green hone which may or may not be a charnley.

It strikes me that my coti's are a touch slow for a wedge, but generally they are quicker than my Dragons Tongue. Or maybe its just that some razors are better suited to certain stones.

Any opinions would be gratefully received.


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Hi Nic, as you know I never hone a wedge without 2 layers of tape, and a Coticule works well for me at that, it does however take a lot more work than with a full hollow, because the bevel is still much wider, also it helps me to be much more precise with the whole process, I make sure the bevel is as sharp as I can get it before I start dilutions, and I dilute slower (more dilutions) and do twice the number of half strokes per set (30 instead of 15)

It can be surprisingly hard to get it first time too, and i often go back to a very light slurry at the first hht attempt

Before that I always used to unicot the edge, I still do at times, that has never ever failed me.

Best regards


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Is your La nouvelle Veine fast on slurry or very slow? la Nouvelle, if on the fast side of the layer, can slurry dull a razor very easily. I would use a light slurry on it after a 6K stone and see what happens. It can be a difficult layer to learn how to sharpen a razor to it's limit.


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Yeah the slurry might have been thicker than I usually do. It does dull blades if its too thick, I forgot that. I was honing without tape, I'm trying to get away from tape on all my razors just so I know none of them need taping for touch ups.


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Did you ever try the bevel angle calculator Nic?
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I find it very useful, its often surprising how much difference a degree here or there makes when it comes to the feel of the blade on my face, I know Gary tried some things with different layers as well and found a noticeable difference

Ralfson (Dr)


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tat2Ralfy said:
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Hey, that's my horse you're riding! :D

I stand by what I told before. A degree difference in bevel angle has at least at much influence on the way a razor shaves, as the difference between fancy finishing hones X and Y. Yet the latter is documented in 1000's of forum posts at every foru about straight razor shaving, and the former is hardly documented at all.



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Thanks, great stuff!, No I've not looked into the bevel angle but I will.

With this wedge the tape wore away while honing it 1st off so I thought that I was ending up with a varying angle anyway, and besides I wanted to just get away from having to remember if I used tape and if so how many layers etc.

Next time I shall go with lighter slurry and some pressure initially, and I'll look into the bevel angles too.

Many thanks


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Here here to all that had been said

I have a couple of wedges that i only use unicot on - why because they already have tape on as I feel it is necessary on a wedge. Thus so it is simply easier to go unicot. I have never failed.

I do not touch these up as you need to put tape on, I simply start from scratch and rehone


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If it is a near wedge (versus a full wedge), and the bevels and spine wear are small enough, you should be able to hone it without tape without a problem... well, so long as you put extra time into it. I've honed a near wedge before that didn't have too much wear, and it worked out fine. But, I had to spend more time than usual on it. I actually ended up doing a dilublue with a LOT of time spent near the end to fully polish out those bevels.

All that said, definitely check the bevel angle.