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General overview of blade problems and how to fix them


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Hey guys, Ive been thinking it would be REALLLLLLY usefull if we could gather in one place, pictures of all the possible things that can go wrong with the blades and how to fix them. This is as im fairly new to honing, and took me ages to work out what a frown and a smiley blade were!

So if you guys dont mind, could you slap up some pics of stuff like frowns, smiles, warped blades and any other mishaps, with a little info about what the problem is AND how to fix it?

It could be like a one stop shop for all your razor problems, and a place where beginners can find info on everything without having to spend hours flicking between posts on various websites working out whats what.


I’ve been working on an article based on that idea... "Vintage Razor Buyers Guide for New restorers".

Many moons ago I suggested this on another forum, not once, but twice at different times, expecting some of the veteran restorers to comment... but the silence was deafening... But I think I know why they remain silent...

You see, tough there is lots of information on “brands” of razors to stay away from (hint: Zeepk… Pakistani), and lots more info of the vintage and new razors to buy, not much is said about the “condition” of those vintage razors and the consequences (or problems) of buying in those conditions, even less is said about how to recognize the different conditions of those vintage razors. Why?...
... It has a lot to do with the business of “selling vintage razors”. The razor buying public reacts to “the general consensus” on the forums.
If the general consensus were to say “stay away from warped blades” then most new/would-be restorers would NEVER buy razors in that condition and that would upset the "razor sales equilibrium". So for example, it is a well known fact that there is a good percentage of vintage (and new) razors have warped blades… but if you have a look at the BST/Classifieds across the forums, does anyone ever say the blade he is selling was warped? (…and you’d think every one of them would be in a position to recognize a warped blade… right?... after all, the razors are shave ready right? and we all know a warp makes it somewhat difficult to properly hone the blade right?) But of course they won’t tell you, if indeed it is warped.

Anyway, the work on the article continues… maybe some of our members will comment?

that's good work, my friend.:thumbup: I hope you'll post it in the Sharpening Academy, when ready.

What we could also do is start a razor ABC. That is an alphabetic list of razor related words, with a brief description and link(s) to more information about the topic.
We could make this a joined effort, starting a thread where every one is free to add to the list, or add to already present items. Eventually we put everything nicely together in a permanent article for the Sharpening Academy.

Unfortunately, I've already more projects to follow up than I have time.
I'll start the thread, make it a sticky but someone else should take the lead from there. Any volunteers? Not all at once please...:p

They have their own communist country over there! One of them was spouting censorship BS over at B&B the other day.

An excellent idea guys. I'll add here and there where I see fit. Today's actually the last day of the semester before winter break, so I'm going to have a lot of free time with nothing to do. B)