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Get ready - OCtober/Tabactober is coming


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The most beautiful month of the year is coming where we can shave the whole month with our beloved Tabac shaving soap and of course al other beautiful Tabac products. Also the month where the theme of the razor is Open Comb. Dust off your most beautiful OC razors and get them ready for October.
It’s not a Dutch tradition but the tradition of a forum at the other side of the big pond. Some shavers disagree with the smell of Tabac but I really like it. Last year October I gave myself a complete month the pleasure of Tabac.
I received a Tabac stick once and put a small amount in a travel tube. I did not see what others saw in it. I still have the small amount in the tube after giving away the bulk of the stick. I will participate in the OCtober part as I have many Gillettes that are not getting attention as well as some other OC razors. I will also start the month with my left over Tabac, but can't promise I will use it past the first night.
I have gotten my father again into wetshaving with a DE. And of course gave him a Tabac soap bowl. To his generation it was a product of luxury and je was very happy with it.

I'm persuaded to join if I can bend the rules a little bit. A tabac product had to be part of the shave or a product with tabacco in the name like the tfs.

I really like the tabac soap, but a whole month. That's overkill and will lead to a divorce.
Well, enough of this Tabac thing. I am willing to participate in the OCtober part as I have more than enough OC razors to last 31 days. Tabac, I do not have enough whether for shaving, eating, or smoking. ;) Are we on for OCtober? If so, where do we post? If it is the DE section, I have many OC razors that are SE, and maybe one that is a straight.