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getting there


Used my coti the other day for the first time and like Toon was having problems using the Unicot method to getting past the arm shave .Anyway eventually managed it after the 6th attempt and carried on with the rest of the method.Now not sure what to hone with read forums and went with newspaper 100laps.This morning tried having a shave o god what have i done to the blade.As i drew the razor across my face i could see the soap being removed but could'nt feel a thing.So all i done was scrape the soap off right?AhA wrong! the blade had actually shaved my one day old stubble off !Bloody marvellous,fantastic,the dogs B's.OK iv'e come back to earth now whilst the shave could have been better i'm just happy that i didn't bugger up the blade and it actually shaves.
So iv'e taken the first step on the long ladder of honing and looking forward to progressing with my skills albeit slowly.
Big thanks to all who post on here passing on their knowledge.:thumbup:
Well done Sir Reggy!
Hopefully you have now learnt the basics of Unicot, a method which will serve you very well, as for stropping on newspaper, thats going to work to some extent but tis far from ideal, you will need to invest in a good quality strop, btw its par for the course to invest in the strop before the hone, as you will use a strop daily as you shave, and many people just own a strop, they send their razors away apparently, strange goings on if you ask me.
Thanks for your advice and comments Dr Ralfson ,I do have a balsa paddle strop pasted with green and red dovo paste(not on the same side of course) so i can use that or should i purchase a leather strop?
I shall wait on one knee until you MY LIEGE,throws out morsels of information. :-/

where in the country are you?

and yes you must have a strop/linen or cotton combination.

The green and red are for touch ups not daily stropping
Absolutely as said, the pasted strops are only good for for touch ups, and even then they are redundant once you become totally proficient on your coticule, for everyday use you will need a good linen (or canvas) and a good leather strop, you will even need them to complete a hone job, as no amount of stones or skills will enable you to get that edge shave ready without a good 60 laps on both linen and leather strops, also you will need to give the razor a good dozen laps on the linen strop after each shave, just to dry the very edge.

All said the strop is the most used tool in the practice of honing and shaving with a straight razor
don't let them sneer at your honing tools. If honing on newspaper works, it's not stupid. Handy things, newspapers. I always take one to the woods, in case I need the sports section for something..