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Gillette Rocket 'Parat' - razor and box correctly paired?


New Member
Hello 'shavinguniverse',

I'm new here and was wondering if anyone could help me determine if this razor and box are correctly paired. I'm quite the ambitious collector which the pictures hopefully show:

Min samling 1.jpg

Min samling 2.jpg

I just received this razor:


According to different DE safety razor archives it's a "special" version of the Rocket model called 'Parat':

The thing I'm wondering about is the green box. I have looked everywhere online and I can't seem to find any information about it. In my opinion the most comparable set is the 'British Set No58'.

The green box doesn't have 'Gillette' written on the outside but otherwise the boxes look quite similar. The green color is typical German and maybe that is just how the Rocket models got sold in Germany?

Anyone with good ideas?


Well-Known Member
Hi Mikkel - great set. I was looking around mr-razor and the closest one I find is the #59 set. However this holds an HD Rocket and not the Parat razor like the one you have. Also, the #59 case is not really like yours. Yours is very interesting, never saw it before. On the outside it looks a bit like a #21 Aristocrat case (with the raised center of the top side). That’s all I got (= nothing)...

The British Gillette organization however was notorious for mixing up parts and using up old stocks in odd combinations. Several examples of this exist, and yours may be just another fascinating example...

59B2CFE7-DB76-463B-B02A-4D7F196E05BE.png 98ED65B1-DB93-4EBA-9259-12178B45AE01.png


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It's quite the interesting question and I can understand that it isn't me who isn't well enough informed. Well, that is another funny aspect about collecting these small pieces of history. Something rare sometimes show up...

I have also thought about the possibility of the box belonging to a more expensive razor since the 'Parat' by no means was a high end model and was sold in a cheeper looking box like this one:

1958 Parat.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen the mystery continues!