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Gillette Toggle that needs repair


Producer/ Dealer
Good morning everyone, happy holidays!

I have a Gillette Toggle that needs repair, understandably there aren't very many people that work on this razor, the problem is the adjustment dial needs repair ASAP. Please Don't Tell Me to Send It the Razor Emporium, that's not going to happen! As a matter of fact I already sent it to Razor Emporium, somehow they managed to lose it, I just got it back yesterday, Matt refused to work on it. What is razor Emporium good for if you can't get them to do work for you. Apparently they don't want the competition.

Somehow The dial became loose and is floating around freely, if the dial doesn't work, you can't adjust the blade gap. The razor doesn't work correctly without it. I need somebody to repair it for me. I'm also looking to hire mechanic to work on my razors… Everyone is welcome to apply.
Rick Andrews… Owner Richards Razors

This is not the razor that needs to be repaired, I just put those pictures there so that everybody knows what type of razor I am talking About. Just in case Some of your readers Aren't up on Gillette Toggles.

Gillette Toggle Razor 1958 Refurbished Replated 24 Karat Gold D1 – DIA (5).JPG Gillette Toggle Razor 1958 Refurbished Replated 24 Karat Gold D1 – DIA (24).JPG