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I was intending to send out my Globusmen Razor to our Justin for Him to try honing, thing is I just love the shaves this thing gives, its easily in my top 3 along with my J Rodgers and my W+B 8/8 wedge
I know they were made by Grah + Plumacher (spl) but thats all I know, the quality of this is stunning its very similar to my Dovo but more solid some how?

I wondered if anyone could tell me any more about it? I have another by the same maker but thats not marked as a Globusmen it just has Grah Plumacher on the tang, and its in the workshop awaiting restore. anyway here it is, thanks for looking and thanks for any input.

That's a truly unique razor Ralfy. Glad to hear it shaves so well. Grah Plumacher, Globusmen... I've never heard of it! I want to find something unique like this, or the unique Bartmann posted earlier.

Mind posting a shot of the tang?

Will do as soon as i find time
TBH the scales are a bit gareish for me, but its still awesome, now if they were the same design in black Mmmmm!
You read my other post with the Razor I want to send you didnt you?
I've never heard of that brand, but it's great finding rare razors like that which shave real well. Very nice!:thumbup:
Unfortunately I cannot help you with the history of the firm but DAMN!!!… those "Black Widow's spider web" scales are awesome, and the smooth shaves you get from that edge is “good gravy”.

Beautiful razor Ralfy
Thank You guys, it is a wonderful thing I heard of the Makers before, but only because I have another by
Seriously what I know about vintage/antique Razors you could write on the back of a postage stamp, in wax Crayon!

oh yeah I forgot to mention its also the first one I have honed using the Dilocut Method, I followed the advice and guidance given here, finished with 60 linen, 60 leather, shaves like a dream LIKE A DREAM I SAY!

Bartholomew Torfs COME ON DOWN!!!!


Oh eck...........Carry on
I 've been pondering all day, about what those scales remind me off. First I thought "Salmon", but that was not a convincing thought. Then, all the sudden it struck me. It's a corset...:lol:

Bit Sturdy for me, but I wouldnt climb over Her to get to either of


Ok I took some pics of the tang and dont ask me why I got Grah+Plu-bleeding-Macher in my head because the reverse side clearly reads: E.Bergfeld&Sohn!
I take it "Sohn" means "Son"?

It has what remains of a gold wash on the tang amongst the top and bottom jimps also on the toe so I imagine it was washed along the spine as well?


The longer this thread becomes, the more I develop a real taste for that razor.B)