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Going to Berlin...


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Hello Guys & Gentlemen,

It's been a while since my last visit here, as I now get good results with my coti, I feel like I need less help... but I still think of you, even If I miss time to be everywhere... (I spend most of my time on the net on the Coupe cou club as french is easier for me to use... :blush: )

But I still need your help, and that's why I'm here...

Well, here's the thing : I'm going to spend a few days in Berlin (a 4 days week-end), and I'd like to visit one or two interesting places about straight razors.

I guess there are good shops, but as I don't speak german very well, I'd like to know some adresses before.

I'm interested in german razors, but not that much in dovo, as there are easy to find here in France... as Thiers Issard, etc...

So I'd like to see some less current rasors in France, as Revisor, Wäcker, etc...

I'd be happy if anyone of you had some adress to give me, so I can go and enjoy this visit...

Last info : I'm leaving on novembre 16th.

Thanks You!


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You could try contacting Robin, who actually lives in Berlin. Go to
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and I think you should find a way to reach him (he's no longer a member here).



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Hi Bernard,

As I wrote on CCC, check out The Different Scent. They have wonderful stuff over there ...

Have fun!


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Go and see Robin!!! A highly intelligent and helpfull guy. He has a very strong mind and are not affraid of telling it out frankly. And he does have some beautiful razors.
And give him my very best regards!


I strongly recommend thedifferentscent. You can find information on

It is a small shop in Berlin, next to a shopping center (Alexanderplatz).
TDS has almost anything related to shaving you wish for, although emphasis has been put on EDT, EDC, AS and Shaving soap/cream.
They also carry a couple (3-5) Thiers Issard razors.
Take a look at their online shop, almost everything you can find there, can be bought at the shop in Berlin.

I have been visiting TDS a couple of times and I always found something I liked.
Unfortunately, that is all I can recommend regarding shaving supply in Berlin


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My experience during 2 visits (3 days and 8 days) is that The Different Scent must not be left unattended, and that you otherwise must not expect any places that are of special interest for a traditional shaver. During my first visit, me and another Belgian gentleman who shaves with a traditional razor, were guests to the home of my shaving pal Robin and his enchanting wife. I am sure if there was any shaving gear excitement apart from The Different Scent, they would have directed us to it.
There are however enough great or otherwise interesting places to visit in Berlin, and the city has quite a unique, young and relaxed atmoshere. I loved it.
There is an excellent cigar shop at Under Den Linden, that I will absolutely go to at my next visit.
Other than that, there are so many things to do, that I don't even know where to begin. It would aso depend on what you prefer to visit. There's Architecture, Art, History, a multicultural metltingpot and never sleeping metropole.

Have a nice trip,


And don´t forget to eat Currywurst and Döner!

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(a sausage with a curry flavoured ketchup sauce) is kind of a traditional fastfood in Berlin. You can get the allegedly best Currywurst at "Krasselts" wich can be found at Steglitzer Damm Berlin. They serve an original version that is absolutely unique and definitely something to try.

And since Germany, especially Berlin, is a melting pot of different cultures you should try one of the many
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available at little kebab houses/stands all over the city. Döner is derived from the turkish word for "to spin" since it is a big piece of meat that is cooked on a huge grill, while turning. The meat will then be cut into small peaces, packed into a turkish bread and served with salad and sauce. Originally this food is derived from marokkan and greek traditions of gyros (menas "to spin", as well!). But the food has been changed during the process of "immigration" that neither turkish, nor greek, nor marokkan peaople actually will recognize it as their own. So this is what I like to present Germany as: A melting pot of different things.
Enjoy your stay :)