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Good looking coticule, wondering if anyone has any info on


New Member
So I got this baby and was wondering if anyone new something about it? The hybrid side is so packed with garnets that it glitters and it has some crystal looking stuff imbedded on the coticule side which appears blue so far it hones very cleanly has a WHITE slurry which I have never seen before and I mean like chalk white, leaves a great edge.

I've never seen such a stamp. Can you make something of the text?

The Coticule appears to be a Les Latneuses.

Kind regards,
Bart said:
I've never seen such a stamp. Can you make something of the text?

The Coticule appears to be a Les Latneuses.

Kind regards,

WooHoo I got one right :w00t: :thumbup:
The stamp reads belgischer brocken which I presume is German? I just shaved off the hybrid side and the shave was interesting... The edge wouldn't pass the HHT but it would cleave hairs of my hair by just floating it??? that is a new one for me. Anyway the shave wasn't super comfortable, I guess you could say it was a bit harsh nothing uncomfortable but compared to the Jnat it was a bit rougher, BUT! I did notice it left a finer stub going with the grain than other stones I have finished on. So I guess that maybe running it through Crox would eliminate some of the harshness and give a super nice BBS shave. All in all I am super pleased with such stone. Next I will try the coticule side, though I am hesitant since the stone isn't flat and I really don't know if I should delete the stamps for histories sake, after all I can use other stones right? RIGHT???:blink:
Mmm interesting
the Hybrid side side of mine gives shaves that are delightfully smoooooth
however it takes a bit of an effort to hone to a fine hht pass with it, I suggest that before you Crox the edge up, try adding a layer of tape, make a very very very thin slurry and do 30 light strokes, then rinse everything, and do 30 strokes on water only, ala unicot, HHT, if its stil crap try another 30 on water and test again, there should some improvement, keep at it until its a catch and pop then strop 60 canvas 60 leather, this way the shave is still pure coticule, and if its anything like my hybrid it should be a DELIGHT!

My best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
BelgischerBrocken is Germany's likely largest reseller of Coticules.
Personally, I wouldn't worry about the stamp, unless you're a collector without intent to use the hone.

Ralfson is right: the best way to assess the finishing abilities of any hone, is to create a secondary bevel with it. No other hone will be involved in the creation of that final edge. As the good dr. Ralfson mentioned, you could use the Unicot method for that, or you could also hone the razor as sharp as you can get in with your favorite progression, add a layer of tape to the spine and cut the secondary bevel with 100 laps on water. Use the lowest possible pressure, since the edge is leaning on its very tip only.

If done correctly, this will give you the keenest edge you'll ever get of that hone, carrying the finish it will provide.
It's certainly worth performing that test on both sides of a Les Latneuses, because they don't quite provide the same finish.

By the way: welcome to
Thank you, Bart and Ralfy.
Now, I turn to evaluate my La Verte. Interestingly, that is so logical but at same time that is somehow hard to figure out - I did not understand it myself. I mean that using for evaluation very narrow secondary bevel to eliminate possibly more other factors.