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Got a couple of new bouts


Well-Known Member
Got these from the group sale at B&B. The two on the bottom right in the pictures are the new ones I have. IDs are welcome but not entirely necessary. I think the bigger of the two is a La Grise but the skinny one I have no idea. The lines in the side are black not blue.






Well-Known Member
Nice stones, i realy like the bouts they have great character, i reckon the smaller one is a la drassante.

thanxs for photo's gary


Well-Known Member
The top one of the new bouts is indeed a La Dressante, upper part of the layer, and most likely a very fast stone. The other one is a La Grise. Expect that on to be on the slower side.

You have a great collection to experience the difference in feedback among Coticules. These 3 layers will all talk a differen dialect to you. :)

Kind regards,