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Got La Dressante (Coticule067)


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Here's the 067 (from Vault II) it really looks very beautiful and so different to my first coticule (La Nouvelle Veine).

I don't have time to try it now, busy times at work. But will try this weekend and paste my impressions in this thread. For now some pictures:


Compared to La Nouvelle Veine

I know one only needs one Coticule, but I'm too curious no to try another layer, and after that I can sell my least favorite.

That is a beautiful hunk of stone - especially the BBW! :thumbup:
(or is that even a BBW? Looks more like a banded schist now that I think about it)

I'm also really curious as to what the orange material is that is filling the veins. And what the white material that is filling the veins in some other coticules that I've noticed (La Veinettes, maybe?). :sleep:
Thank you!

No, is not a combo, here's the fact sheet:

Yes, as Gary said, is a very nice pattern.

I re-finished with water an already sharp razor , the friction felt almost as my other coticule (smooth like glass), shave was effortless.

my La drassante surface has a distinct draw and the surface is very soft feel. once on water only the razor skates up and down

i honed three razors today and every one from dull to finishing passed hht identical. so three very consistant results. i only tested one blade on cheek and it felt as good as it gets. i will do full shave tomorrow.

Beautiful stone indeed, enjoy the honing! Is your other coticule fast on slurry slow on water? I have a La Nouvelle Veine also and its like that.

Yes, with 'La Nouvelle Veine' is quite slow on water.

When HHT is not there, then it takes long time on water to bring it up, but eventually it goes up.

But with Unicot there's no tricks, consistently HHT-3.

I just honed from dull an old le grelot frameback, it was HHT-3 right after dilution, this stone is so much easier. Honestly :thumbup:

Shave was as smooth, even mellow :sleep: