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Got some great help here


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Just a word of appreciation for the great help I got.

I just started last month on my journey into straight razor shaving. Got myself 2 relatively cheap razors and a latigo beginners strop. Had some problems shaving with them. Bart offered to send me a shave ready razor to use since I don't have a whetstone yet. Loved the shave of that razor! With the other razors I could feel that I really needed to be very careful to not cut myself, the coticule edge is much more forgiving and very smooth.

But in the second week the razor started to pull during the shave. So the only logical explanation was my stropping technique (My hat off for those who can keep a razor shaving for months without going back to the hone). Found a better strop by reading the forum (dovo russian) but couldn't bring the razor back to the condition I received it in. Bart give me the following tip: Take a newspaper with lots of black ink on it, fold the sheet in length wise, and press flat to form a kind of paper strop. Tape the ends and improvise a loop at each end, Black ink has a very mild abrasive function. I can not promise that it will shave as before, but you should see some improvement. Do 200 passes.

And it did work! My shaving (and stropping) technique leaves much to be desired but that can only improve with practice.

I really like how this forum is run, lots of information and people who are willing to go out of there way to help even beginners without looking down on them. Really appreciate it guys!

btw. I found that by not touching up with my DE after every shave I'm more motivated to try even harder, got some remarks from others about the looks ;-) Have a nice day, Ron


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Wonderful Ron :thumbup:

I am very happy that the help and advice served you so well

My kindest regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Ah. :) Good to hear it went well.

I've never been a great advocate of using a DE for "clean up" during the learning curve. I believe it's better to dive in completely and unconditionally.B)

Have a nice day, Ron.