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Gottlieb Hammersfahr Solingen Foche


Well-Known Member
I found an other one this week, some ugly scratches an scales that let the razor through at the bottom.

same size as the first one and also the same bevel angle of 15 degrees

Cleaned her up and put it in some temporary scales for the moment
2 layers of tape and will testshave tomorrow

26FB6787-B73C-4AD5-BFB1-5916754FFB03.jpeg 2A0DF067-B781-48E8-9013-C346B1413237.jpeg B511D406-3738-4C6D-A1E3-44D51DED3228.jpeg 932F17DF-A88F-4590-8CE9-EAC5BA7BAD36.jpeg CCE65B5E-8E0A-4C6C-9804-AB6C481BF02C.jpeg 278D5C2D-B1DC-48DE-9580-885416423E52.jpeg


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First thought. that red detracts from such a great knife. 2 thought oh why not. Although my ultimate preference remains with the original scale color.