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Grafco Psycho-Lock Razor


Absurd hero
SU-Patron Gold
A razor for use in prisons and mental facilities is this Grafco Psycho-Lock Razor. German made for Graham-Field in New Hyde Park, New York, it's a nice looking piece of heavy brass/chrome. Chrome plating has some rough edges.
The razor is a long-screw three-piece (four, counting the key), where the nut that locks the cap in place is held in the handle by a brass ring. The nut appears to be an inverted slot-drive, with the key actually having the slot. Of further interest the square top of the handle that fits in the square slot in the head.
DSC04820.JPG DSC04821.JPG DSC04822.JPG DSC04823.JPG DSC04824.JPG DSC04825.JPG DSC04826.JPG DSC04827.JPG DSC04828.JPG DSC04829.JPG DSC04830.JPG DSC04832.JPG DSC04833.JPG DSC04834.JPG