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Grah & Ohliger Solingen-Wald (Numax, Regilo, Graham, Effendi, Estrella do Norte, Iharu, Leipoa, Suum Cuique)


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I found another Graham this week, 25 mm wide, near 8/8”
Still needs some work to remove the scratches of the former owner

the scales are custom made of black acrylic, my design
Also needs some scratches to be removed

42F50D34-20E6-4516-9536-ECBAEB3A16B5.jpeg FDD1E8A3-1BD7-4637-B2D6-B2A7E41B5150.jpeg D8ED5D13-609A-4B83-A838-E27D97B511A7.jpeg 62C53536-C444-442B-84AE-6E71EC9494A6.jpeg


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Gentlemen. Recently I got a REGILO razor and, as I never heard about who might have produced that, hat to do some research. However, I was not able to find much more than this piece of advertisement in a prospectus of 1937. After WW2 I couldn’t find anything about the company and I assume that it ran out of business during or before the war.


So, if you own one razor with the mentioned trademarks, you now know that it was build by Grah & Ohliger, Solingen-Wald and most probably in the 30-ies of the las century.

And here is my REGILO 6/8. Great shaver with a teriffic sound.
6A9E0513-FD7B-4BEE-B6FF-BC0E1B958F7A.jpeg 2B000419-27F4-4432-9ED5-04AF6DA4F378.jpeg 1E736FAA-099B-4A6C-8F78-5C26A0F4D549.jpeg
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