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Great New Tony Miller Strops!


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So I receieved a nice package in the mail today, my long awaited strops from Tony Miller! I decided to go all out and the get the full deal, so I got a 3" Latigo/Horsehide strop combo, and a 3" Linen/Smooth Cotton strop combo, both with leather handles attached. It basically gives me the entire stropping range!

My plan (and what I tested out a few times tonight) is to strop on the linen -> cotton -> latigo -> horsehide. The linen from Tony Miller feels really nice, but definitely feels coarser/rougher than the smooth cotton, so that's why I would strop on linen first, then cotton. The latigo has more draw than the horsehide (which basically has none), so the horsehide makes a great finishing strop.

I am completely aware that you don't need 4 different strops to give you a good edge, but I do enjoy stropping, and I like the idea of having a mini strop progression every shave. :D

The latigo has a wonderful draw that's not too heavy, but definitely there. I know it's brand new, but it feels like it's been broken in. I wonder how much better it will get then! The latigo seems to be a good strop for the majority of the stropping, the draw really seems to pull the razor to sharpness. :p

I've never used a horsehide strop before, but I was pleasently surprised by this one. It's like stropping on velvet! It's so smooth, and it's feel fantastic to strop on. When trying it out tonight, I found myself going a little overboard stropping on the horsehide....I can't get over how amazing it feels to strop on! I noticed there's even a velvety surface on it, almost like a finely sanded nubuck finish. Whatever it is it just makes the razor glide over it! I don't think I would like the horsehide as my only leather strop since I don't think it does all that much, but it's definitely a nice strop to smooth the edge a little more after one with a little more draw (i.e. latigo).

Tony did a fabulous job with every aspect of the strop, even all the screws are lined up the same way! All the trim looks perfectly symetrical, both strops are exactly the same length....I could go on, basically the strops look perfect in every aspect.

To be honest, it wasn't cheap to get all 4 of those components in 2 seperate dual strops, with the extra handles added too, but I'm a believer in that you get what you pay for, and I paid for quality. I can't post pictures right now, but I will tomorrow.

Can you tell that I'm a little excited about it?? I'm very pleased with it, and I know this will be my life-long strop. :thumbup:
Congrats on the new strops! I have the TM Linen/Horsehide and Cotton/Latigo strop, and I've got to linen/horsehide (30-40 pre-shave and 15-20 post-shave). It's a great tool for maintenance. My belief is that the linen does a better job of removing oxidation and sharpening the edge than any of the other components, and the horsehide does the best job of smoothing the edge. Therefore, I find the cotton to be unnecessary and the latigo only gets used 1 time after my honing sessions. Once I'm done honing, I do 100/100/100 (linen/latigo/horsehide).

Enjoy them:thumbup: