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Greetings from another german guy


Hello shaving enthusiasts!
My name is Sebastian, i'm 40 years young from Leonberg (near Stuttgart) in Germany and straight razor enthusiast since round about 5 years. The collection of razors, hones, soaps and brushes is growing and growing :rolleyes:. Not yet bankrupt.... but regular discussions with my lovely wife are part of this passion :rolleyes:

Some of you may know me as "kratziger_graf" at the german sister forum;)

I'm very happy that our "great unstoppable force" (lets call him GuF right away :cool:) made this new community possible, as i always wanted to exchange with as many people all over the world as possible, but never found the mood to register at another board.

Looking forward to see this community growing and to share our beautiful hobby with you.rasierensmilie