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Greetings from Austria


Producer/ Dealer

my name is Ulrik and I am the owner of Koraat-Knives, a straight razor manufacture from Austria.

You can find us here in the forum:
As well as here on our website:
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And on facebook:
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It´s a pleasure for me to join this forum and I will gladly try to contribute as much as I can.

I wish you all many good shaves and all the best!




Thank you Ulrik for joining us! I do think here are a lot of fans of your Art. I am excited to see also here many photos of your creations.

Best wishes


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Although I'm not a straight razor shaver, I very much enjoy the look of your straights and your craftmenship!


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Welcome_At_Shavinfuniverse_Com Ulrik! Got one of your #14 2.0 (the one with pink least i'm assuming that there are not many others ;)), and its still one of my all time favorit straights!daumenh!