Greetings from Germany


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Hi all together,

my name is Thorsten, i am 38 years old and coming from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Since 2012 i am an oldschool wetshaver. Sometimes with a Straight Razor, most of the time with my trustet and loved DE-Razors and my Shavette / Razorine.

Some of you might know me from our German "Sister" Forum "Forum der Rasur" .

There i have the Name "Hobeler"

I love Wetshaving, a good Pipe or Cigar, a tasty Coffee and i am a Whiskey Lover. What else can i say about me? I am a huge Fan of the Soccer Club "FC Schalke 04" which some of you might know.

That should be it for now.

Hope, that we get a good together here, with great chats, great pics, new experiences and great People.



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Welcome, not a connaisseur of Whiskey myself but several of the new members are, they even had a topic on it on the Dutch forum.