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Greetings from Nordic Shaving Company, Finland!


Producer/ Dealer
my name is Jari, I am 47 and I have been living wet shaving 24/7 the past six years. That is because in 2013 I established the first wet shaving specialized webshop in Finland. I used to be called Razor Master back then and we had our own shaving soap line.
Last November we opened a new webshop and started a new product line. Our new shaving soaps are way better and we will not produce the RM ones any longer as that brand now belongs to a different company.
By the end of this year we are planning to make a NSC pre shave oil and after shave balm. There are more to come.

In my shaving rotation I have nearly 20 DE and SE razors, a few shavettes and five straights (I love Filarmonicas). About ten brushes of different kind, but I use the most the Epsilon two-band badger.
My favourite shaving soaps are: P&B Spitfire, Tabac, SV's 70-year anniversary, Pereira Shavery and Alvarez Gomez. (to name a few)

Please feel free to get in contact if you want to learn more about our products or just anything else!


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Welcome Jari, I suspect "The King" will be the first one who gives in after seeing the word "soap" appear from a for him unknown maker. And then we can read his reviews and .....


Welcome Jari.

I got the "Ari" soap from you and this was one of the most beautiful "pine" scents I've ever had.
In the Advent period towards Christmas I always used as many soaps as possible that have a relationship with Christmas and in this period it was used very often. :weihnachtsmann_walk

And now I see in the new line Citrus & Ginger :sabber1