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I just stumbled upon a Google translation in Dutch of this website.
"Slurry" was translate in Dutch as "hog manure" ("drijfmest"). Puts razor honing into a complete new perspective...
First Ray with dog crap, now Google with hog manure...

"lift hog manure onto the surface of the Coticule" it says.

:D :D :D :D

I am not surprised, my uncle was a farmer and he would often use the word slurry....

Lets just say he would be "turning in his grave" if he thought I sharpened my razor with manure.
I've never heard of that, and my grandparents were pig farmers. That's hilarious though:lol: :lol:
Yep, my uncle used to farm milk.....and that amount of cows makes a shitload of poo (pun intended ;) So anyway, I used to have great fun learning to drive the tractors about, and one job was a use the tractor and some random 'scraper - shovel' like attachment to gather all the shit up and dump it into the Slurry pit. Then later on he would use the slurry stored in the slurry it to 'muck-spread' the fields to make'em more fertile.

So general gist is yeah, slurry is manure :)

P.s God dayam does slurry work as a fertiliser - the slurry pit is gone now as my uncle no longer farms, and the grass on that bit of land is the lushest, greenest grass ive ever seen - comparable to a golf course but with next to no effort to keep it that way!

.....random post there, but hope you enjoy!
You should see some of the Traditional Chinese translations.

"mouse dong" = news
"master nose-bleed" = address???
leaping frog lands = ???

Yes, my grandfather would say "s#it makes the grass grow"
If he were around today I would say probably reply "... but it don't make the whiskers grow"