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Halfstroke question?


Well-Known Member
Halfstroke question...:p Sounds like something you might of asked your mates at school when you were 12 :D

But with regard to Coticules. Whenever I do x-strokes on a hone I found that I almost always end up some degree of a rolling x-stroke in order to get the whole blade sharp.
My question is this: When you guys use halfstrokes, do you use the same kind of a roll that you would if you were using x-strokes, or do you just use the pressure applied by your finger to focus the sharpening on a particular area of the blade, and move your finger around so the whole blade gets sharp?
I just can't figre out how you could do the former consistently. The latter seems more likeley to me, but what do I know?


Well-Known Member
Indeed I do a rolling halfstroke, its not as easy to master as a regular rolling x, but worth learning IMHO, I also move my finger from heel to toe at times with a smiling blade, but a rolling halfstroke for me at least, gets the job done nicely

Hope this helps
Ralfson (Dr)