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Happy vacation


Well-Known Member
As`s planned vacation is very near,I`d like to wish you all a very happy vacation.
I´ll surely miss chatting with you all,especially my good friends. You know who..Shit,I hope so!

I hope we`ll meet again in september...if not in Belgium,then here.

I have some pending tasks -thanks again Ray.It will be finished..Ralfy my dear friend,woods will be comming soon and a little something instead off the missing DE`sh thing.

Now..did I forget something? Sir Bart! Your absence is clearly noticed...hope you are busy working? Thanks for running this place,it takes much time and effort,we all know..

Matt,hope you win the Dragon:thumbup:

Caleb..hope you arent in a hurry:rolleyes: Will get it done to your time...

Happy vacation to you due time,I know but anyway..
Kindest regards
Enter the Dragon, hhaai-aaaaaaaaa!! <shk! ksh! - ooh! ksh!> :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm quite a fan of Bruce, actually, I spent good ...5? or something years training martial arts in his Jeet Kune Do way. A great mind opener.

Cheers Torbs!

Same from me, chaps, I'm leaving on Monday for some mountain biking, hell yeah! :thumbup: Take care, folks!

bet regards,
And a Happy Happy Holiday from me too :)

Have a super duper one, see you all in September

best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
Hey!... it's only the 23rd... OK... OK... till we meet again in September gents... have a good one :)

I spent last week with my wife and kids, visiting the German Capital. But now I'm back for another week before will take a vacation annex "oil change".;)

But also from me, a merry vacation to all of you, cherished members of This place would we pretty dull without our little Cafeteria. Hope to see you all back in September. Stay well!

Kind regards,
Glad to see you made it back safely. Hope you and the family had an enjoyable holiday and wish everyone else a relaxing month off. Looking forward to everyone's return in September.

Have Fun!!!!!

Hey!... it's only the 23rd... OK... OK... till we meet again in September gents... have a good one

Yeah,it`s a bit early perhaps..:lol:

But as time seems to pass very rapidly,I thought it was better to be a bit on the early side.

As I am an happy french, I will take a 5 weeks vaccation:p
I'm leaving soon for some biking and hiking in the southern french Alps.
I will try to add some new mountain passes to my collection.

I wish to all of you, you had or will have good holidays.

Kind regards,

Gents..I wont be around the last few days before shutting down.
So..happy august to you all!

Watch out for free drinks and easy women.

Dont do drugs.

Dont have sex.

Wear a condom IF you should have sex. Not that it`s likely...

Desperate women wants sex...and you..with drugs..without condom..say no. If you can..

If you cant say no... YOU LUCKY DOG!

Torbs (married)