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Happy vacation


Well-Known Member
A bit early perhaps,but as this forum will be vacant for a month,I wish you all a happy summer.

I shall spend a week with family and friends in the outback of Denmark. There will be no talk about coticules or razors in any fashion.

However,we leave with mixed feelings as the tragedy in Norway struck the Nordic countries hard.

Have a great vacation,spend time with family and friends,and forget all about this least for a month:rolleyes:

Thanks gents


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Bless you Torbs, enjoy your holiday :thumbup:

A very warm Happy Vacation from me to all of our members

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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To all,
May the vacation be a time of healing and getting to know ones self and those close by. May the time be spent in relaxing and pleasant surroundings. May you find exactly the razor and hone for which you have looked. And..may they be cheap!