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Has anyone of you ever used a coticule to it´s very end?


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Simple question, that popped into my mind. You could modify it by asking "how long, speaking of number of razors, does a coticule last (I know, difference in layer thickness, hardness and so on…)?"

I was just thinking about…

Regards, Tok


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Probably a lifetime. I had one that had a thin layer of coti and it was a fast cutter. I never noticed any change in thickness.


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Bart posted an image of a coticule that had been used to sharpen tools at a shop for 150 years - there was still life in the stone.

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Tok said:
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I had honed somewhere in between 100 and 200 razors on my main Coticule (a La Grise bout of about 180mmX40mm), before I started doing all my honing on stones that I'm testing for the Vault. I have lapped that Coticule once, not because the results started to decline, but because it started to become obvious that it was worn a bit more in the middle. I raise one slurry for each razor (regardless I'm doing Dilucot of Unicot). I estimate that, after lapping it, the hone was about 2/10mm less thick than originally. That means you can hone 500 to 1000 razors on 1mm of Coticule. And I mean "Hone", with slurry and all. Doing touch-ups won't even wear a tenth of that. For personal shaving uses, honing 20 razor a year is probably way more than one can manage to dull through shaving. That gives you about 50 years of use per mm of Coticule... B)

Kind regards,


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I`ve got a small bout. It has been used for at least 50 years by my grandfather. And most likely he`s father as well. They were both carpenters and used they used the bout for honing chisels. That would probably equal at least 100 years of rather heavy use. After lapping it,it would serve me another 200 years +. Which means it will be passed on to my children and their grand children.


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That´s pretty much what I was thinking… Thank you all for your answers.:thumbup: