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Have the stones in the vault been returned?


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I was just wondering if the latest batch of stones from the coticule vault has been returned to Ardennes. I'm asking because I have claimed a few and don't want them to get away from me. :p I'm not familiar with how I proceed from here....Do I have to contact Ardennes for mailing/payment info or will they email me?

Thanks for any help!


P.s. I think I've been waiting pretty patiently...but I honestly can't wait to get my hands on them!
richmondesi said:
No email:O

I'm trying to be patient, but I want it :w00t:

Isn't the waiting terrible??? :scared:

I emailed them just to be sure........:blush:

I'm not the best at waiting...especially for some down-right sexy stones. :lol:
I have now paid for the coticules, exact same prices as Bart quoted me. :thumbup:

They should arrive in a couple of weeks, I can't wait!!! :scared:
richmondesi said:
Ok, I still don't have an email from them yet... should I be concerned?:(
Give them some time. These guys are working 10 straight hours a day, spend 2 additional hours in the car each day traveling to the quarry, and then they come home and need to take care of all e-mail communications. (There's no computer in the production facility)
I have send them a list with all hones and names + e-mail addresses. And Maurice has confirmed receiving that e-mail. He said he was relaying it to his son Rob, who takes care of customer contacts.
If they haven't got in touch by next week, you could contact them yourself through their website. There's always a remote possibility that e-mail gets stuck into a spam filter somewhere.

Coticule mining is heavy, dirty work. Let's cut them some slack. They deserve it.

Kind regards,