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Have you seen...? - Classifieds: "Earn" your trading points


This is another feature you will pürobably not find in other forums. We implemented now a trader feedback system.

From now on, you can "rate" a seller or a buyer in our classifieds/marketplace. This is important since we grow rapidly and you only want to buy from trustworthy people, right? Same goes for the buyer. You want to make sure you also get what you pay for. teufel_lachend

Although we are not involved in trades between members, we want to make our classifieds/marketplace section as transparent as possible. And this trader feedback system helps here a lot.

You know this probaly already from ebay. After each trasnaction you give the counterpart a trading feedback. Others can check the trader feedback oin the members' profile before they buy or sell something.

Within the Ad, just click on "Trader History" to get the information needed. Everything else is self-explanatory. Please use this!