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Heads Up Justin.............Ya Dig


Well-Known Member
Just finished shaving with the Gotta 120, gratefully received safely back home, Man Justin I forgot how much I dig this old thing!
The edge was very very cool indeed, it gave a smooth close shave with only a little astringent sting and I like it! I like it a lot!!
I shaved the left side of my face with it, and the right with My Joseph Elliot fresh off the coti and dilocut honed, there was very very little in it, not enough for me to have a preference :thumbup:

I have razors that I have honed that give slightly lighter and smoother shaves than either of these 2 did tonight, but TBH we are getting into that "splitting hairs" territory to quantify any major differences. ("Splitting Hairs"! see what I did there hahaha....sorry!

Anyway Justin for you to say you presented this razor with anything other than a top notch unicot hone would be twatty, its a good job and well done, thank you for taking the time and care that you did my friend. awesome :thumbup:

Now whats this about a whacker? hahaha

Best wishes and happy studies
Dr Ralfson Esq