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To my surprise still no threat about the Swedish producers C.V. Heljestrand. Swedish was famous and where eventually also used by Japanese producers.

My Heljestrand nr7 is a 5/8 full hollow model,

Heljestrand MK6, 6/8

@Tony , I didn’t expect to see Heljestrand and Candidius on the same razor!

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Well, that made this razor so interessenting. We have seen quite a few candidius Solingen razors made for the Dutch and Belgian market And now it seems that the they also sold CVH razors with their name on it.
Nive mk6 you have Maarten, mine could also be a mk6 with 19,5 mm width after removing some lite damage on the bevel.
Good to see that you are still using that Thüringen hone.
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