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Hello fom Norway


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Hi All,

I thought I'd say hello before holiday and introduce myself. I've been shaving with a straight for about a year and a half after receiving my grandfather's razors (who got them from his brother who was a barber...). Honing was immediately in the picture as I prefer to do for myself, and managed to put a set of superstones through their paces with happy enough results. What brought me here was frustration with a mildly warped Borlänge Bengall in otherwise fantastic shape. Tired of getting less than satisfactory results and having had a friend translate the instructions on a small vintage German hone which talked about using varying pressure, I gave the little swede a good squeeze. Since that gave immediate and excellent results, I thought of Bart's methods, reread his honing instructions, and pulled out a little La Verte that I never got anywhere with. This time it went like a dream.
Needless to say, after scraping my face increasingly recklessly in delight at the lack of irritation, I have been trying to max out my coticules and having a lot of fun. I guess I could go on and on, but can save that for later conversations. A heartfelt thanks to Bart and all of you that make this site the resource it is. Not to mention a good read. If I can figure out transport I hope to meet you in September. If not, there's bound to be a good bit of jawing on the digital plane...:rolleyes:

best regards,
Welcome Torolf!

For reading your post, you sure have the right inclination for straight razor shaving and Coticule sharpening.:thumbup:

Kind regards,

PS. Maybe you've noticed, you've posted on the last day before the Cafeteria takes a summer break.
If you have urgent needs, feel free to contact me in private.
Otherwise, I hope to hear more from you in September.
Hello and welcome buddy :thumbup:
Happy honing and smooth shaving from me.

My best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)