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Hello from Amsterdam


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Hello everyone

I like to introduce myself

I’m from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
I’d started with a braun electric razor. But that didn’t worked for me.
Then some mach 3/4 etc.
That irritated me.

Anyway. When I bought a straight razor, a strop etc. I’d entered a whole new era.

First shave with shaking hands,
But survived. No cuts (what was worth mentioning)

After that I did search the internet for tips & tricks and discovered that there was whole community.

So I’d visit the fora (shaving society, ATG, Badger & Blade, FdR etc).
And after a while I did become a member.

Learned a lot.
Only thing is that I saw a lot of nice razors, nice brushes etc. So I bought one more. And one more, and one more etc.
Bought a few stones, first a coticule. That actually covered it.
bought a few Naniwa’s.
Liked the look of the old adjustable Gillettes.

Found out that for every mood I am in, every season, time of the day there is a nice, different soap.

after some acquisitions it just won’t fit the drawer I’d used.
Now there is a display cabinet in my room with some old paper shaving ads in a frame, some showcases, old packs of razorblades. Some brushes etc.
I think it looks great.
My fav’s open razors are Koraat & TI. Love my PILS DE razor.
I’ve got a weakness for Japanese razors.

I’d did notice already a few nicknames I’d recognice from the other fora. So I think it worth to be here
Good to see you here, I'm sure I'll recognise some of the stuff in your cabinet ;)