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Hello to all


Good evening,

since 2007 I shave myself with a straigt razor and have some pieces of them. I like them very much. I live in Germany and I am also member in the german forum. The natural stones are very fascinating in my opinion. Bart has made me very enthusiast for the coticule and I have some experience with honing some different straigt razors.

I enjoy to be in this forum.


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Welcome, I also read the forum for a while and bart send me a razor honed on coticule to try and I have been sold ever since. Greets ron


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Welcome from me as well
I am very happy that you like it here :thumbup:

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


thank you very much for welcoming me.

@ snuff,

it was a very good experience with the coticule, I don't want to miss it.