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I wanted to formally introduce myself to your website.

My name is Isaac. I have frequented B&B and SRP, where you might have seen my user name. I have been straight razor shaving on and off for over 10 years. I really started to learn to hone about two years ago. I had bought a Yellow Coticule when I first started learning for finishes. Well, I never had much luck with Nortons and the Coticule, and really started to become better while using Shaptons on glass. A member Aquinan (sp) Russel, suggested I pick up a La Petite Blanche that was on the BST at SRP. So, now here I am learning all over again. I look forward to contributing here, and probably buying many more hones, haha. I have an aquisition disorder for these sorts of things, as well all do Im sure.




Thought the name sounded familiar. Welcome and all that.

You might find that quite a few people here actually do not have acquisition disorders. One in particular even
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they are exactly that and should be
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. Keeping in mind that Coticules are an increasingly scarce commodity, one might even argue that hoarding these stones might be somewhat unfair towards those wanting to learn to hone with them.



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You knocked that one out of the park, Robin.
I love your lucid vision, and your ability to cut through the bullshit. Your candor is very refreshing.

BTW, Isaac, welcome!


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Indeed. tries to be a no AD zone. :)

Straight razor shaving: all about human skills! And only very little about gathering equipment.
All crafty hobbies like woodworking, playing a musical instrument, straight razor shaving and upkeep, to just name a few, become truly refreshing and exciting once taken beyond the initial level of gear fixation. But no one becomes a true artisans without going through that phase first.

My sincerest and warmest welcome, Isaac.



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Thanks for the warm welcomes in a matter of speaking I suppose.
I have seen a few posts of people picking up a few stones out of the vault, but ill leave it at that. I dont see myself having 20 stones, just the two I have now ;)


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Hello Isaac and warm regards, I hope you find as refreshing and rewarding as most of do.

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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IsaacRN said:
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Isaac, I would like to apologize for the way you were "welcomed" on
I thought we were more gentlemen-like than being confrontational at the first shot.

I remember you well from the time I was still allowed to post on SRP. You had that lovely avatar, that always reminded
me of "Cella" shaving soap, although it's not the same picture.
You do know Cella, right?
Excellent soap. And the grandpa on the box, makes my heart mellow.:)

By the way, we are changing the reservation procedure of the Vault, to make it equally accessible to every one, regardless of how much time one has to be on the lookout for new additions.

Kindest regards,


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Welcome from Denmark..

Dont mind the straight forward welcome ;-)
Being an ex SRP member surely doesnt discount you in my vocabulary. Hell,we all get wiser ;-)

Regarding RAD and related deceases...this place doesnt in any way promote this illness.And in fact,it seems like a good cure against such malfunctions ;-)

Kindest regards



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Thanks again. Yes, I do have a man similar to those pics of the cella. Im eager to get my technique down, and thanks for the clarifications :)