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HELP! Combo Hone Separated!


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The bond between me BBW./Coti has given up the ghost!
Both pieces are still intact, but Holy Crap!, I feel like I'm walking around with a bomb!

I ain't got any Horn glue, I've got some furniture epoxy, Fiber Glass Epoxy, CA, Carpenters Glue (PVA ?)

Apologies in advance for the too big picture size (I'll get that figured out right away, but right now I'm freaking out and in a bit of a panic!) IMG_1426.jpg



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breathe man, breathe. I don't have the right answer for you, but this has to be fixable.


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I can't find a brown paper bag to breathe into! The only thing I can find are plastic shopping bags.

I've got some "gap filling" CA. Probably as good as anything. I think I might just try that. Fast, and a decent watr proof bond. The hone's got huge surface area to create good suction between them..


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Never mind. Panic off.
I've got it clamped lightly with some CA. That bugger will last into the next century now.

Whew. That was scary.:scared:


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Great... just don't clamp it too tight... or you may brake the stone. But CA should hold it good:thumbup: .

I have seen that happen to a few vintage combo hones... and man-made ones too..i see, even the stone out lasts the glue :lol:


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Glad you got it figured out.

If the fit is tight, CA is perfect.
Otherwise, any water proof glue with filling capacity will do. Ardennes uses a kind of tiling cement.
In the old days they used hide glue mixed with beeswax.

I wouldn't clamp. Too dangerous, but you're a woodworker, so you know as well as I do that a clamp will exert a lot of force, even if you twist it only lightly. I'd use a weight, or a few wrapped layers of masking tape. It's probably safer that way.

Kind regards,


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Thanks guys. I was really freaking out... I just had these visions of that thin coti layer cracking or shattering. It seemed so thin and fragile and vulnerable. I can't believe how much I've come to like my coti; I woulda been heart-broken if I'd wrecked it. That and it cost me something like $100+. I've made far too many expensive mistakes in this life as it is.....



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Good work Chris :thumbup:
I am glad you saved this beauty, I followed the thread, and held my breath as I am sure you did (Breath Chris Breath!)

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Thanks man! I'll tell ya, there was a moment when that precious slice of coti was suspended in mid-air just by the sticktion of the slurry stone. Not a trick I'd like to repeat!
She's all good now. Gap filling CA and just the barest amount of pressure to get her back together. A quick sand all around to remove the CA run-out and she's good to go. I had the fore-site to lay out some heavy plastic first so she wouldn't stick to the bench. That would of made honing a little awkward.:)