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Help received, Progress Pics


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Thanks again for the help with the inlay problem guys :thumbup:
Heres a few pics of my progress so far:

The scales, olive wood finished in CA, here the wedge has been epoxied in place, and it awaits a polish and proper pinning of course. Sir Ray kinda covered Scales in his threads, so I will skip the details.


The blade, no way I can see of saving the etch, which is a real shame, however none of the marks are too deep so I am confident a mirror finish is achievable, slight frown just before the toe to hone out, and look at that point! yikes!


Pin washers, I make my own, first I cut "barrels" about 2mm long from 1/16th I.D. brass tube:


Then I place them onto my home made die:


And tap the top part to press them into a rough blank:


The centre pin is removable so its easy to get them off:


Next they go onto my home made mandrel, I spin them up in the lathe and dress them with 600 grit wet/dry paper




A quick polish:


And we are done. I must make another female section for my die, with a different profile, I think these are a little bulky for this Razor:


I will post further updates as work gets done if anyone is interested?

Ralfson (of the sore thumb!)
Very interesting, doctor Ralfson. And very educational as well. Keep posting. We'll turn it into a permanent article when finished.

That was very interresting Ralfy.. Great that you make your own washers:thumbup:
They are pretty hard to find so thats a great idea.

Regards and watch all your other thumbs heheheh
Get well soon.
[small]aaaaaaaa[/small]aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAnd here we go! Maro, herein you are officially, upon your 100[sup]th[/sup] post, from now on recognized as The Glove Keeper. Keep an eye on your possible pretenders as well as the wrongdoers, of course! :rolleyes:

kind regards,
The Glove what??? What Glove??? :blink:
Well, if I'm honored with the duty of The Glove Keeper for this forum, I'm ready to undertake it. B)
Ehem... where is The Glove now? ;)

Got some roughly cut Jotoba,about 0,3 * 2.5 * 12 cm but in need of work. Would you like some?

Yes Please Torben, how do you plan on sending it

erhhhhh... in an envelope?
Later next week I believe I might have some Wenge, so if you can wait ,I`ll send some of that too. If you`d like it offcourse?

Regards are not the only one Ralfy.

Amazing isnt it..A volcano on Island shuts down European airports?

Mother Nature is a tough ol` gail:p
Regards gents
Ralfy..just picked up the Wenge..thought it would be a small piece but its 27*30*4 centimeters.
Thats some heavy wood..almost 4 kiloes for this piece!

I`ll have it sawn up(?) somtime during next week, it will be cut rather roughly so it will be in need of work.
If anyone would like a set for making scales,send me a mail.Wont cost you a dime.

Ohh and got a nice piece of Brazillian Cherry too..But thats for me:thumbup:

Regards gents
Wonderful and yes please Sir Torbs :thumbup:
Thank you so very much, now all I need is to find/decide which razors to scale/re-scale Mmm thats not an easy one

P.s. "sawn up" maybe "cut"? lol
Haha in fact I did write "cut" but changed it to "sawn"

Okay then...I`ll send some different types of wood:


Anyone you dont want?

Wow Torben thats very kind of you my friend, Thank you very much :thumbup:
I have this razor all together now, just started honing out what proved to be 1 big frown from toe to heel just about :(
I will start another thread, because this one has got kind of busy with praise and kind gifts etc :thumbup: are not forgotten! Due to some personal difficulties(sometimes life`s a bitch)
the cutting process havnt got any further. But rest a sure: It will be done and the wood will be shipped..found a guy that are willing to cut it - and most likely ruin a saw blade ;-) - now I`m awaiting for him to have the time to do it.

Regards gents
I thought you might like to see how I handle cutting and sanding to size the lumber I get.

Here is a photo of my table saw.


Lucky me... the switch burned up today and I can't get another on order until Monday.

Once I get the rough width cut, and trust me it is only off by several thousandths, I move to my thickness sander. Here is a look at it from left and right. I purchased it from a place called Stewart MacDonalds at . It is a bit pricy but does a nice job, it's called a Luthier's Friend Sanding Station.



Maybe you can get some ideas from this sanding jig that you can add a little ingenuity to and come up with something similar.

Awesome stuff Ray, good luck with the switch and thank you for sharing :)
If I get time over the weekend I will post pics of the kit I used for this and my latest project, I think the difference in our workshops will be blatant!

Regards my friend