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Reserved - Payment pending Henckels 7-day set

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Dear good friends!
For sale this Henckels 7-day-set/week-set. Great leather, zippered cassette containing 7 identical 5/8-11/16 razors, with beautiful gold etching and weekdays on the spine. Etchings are fatter/thinner depending on razor.
Razors are model 70½, full hollow. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday have been honed.
Some razors have some spots due to age, case has flaked some leather around the zipper. Please see pictures.
Within Europe: €375,- postage included
Outside Europe: €390,- postage included (please see below for notes on customsfriendly shipping)
Posted on sistersite as well.
DSC03716.JPG DSC03717.JPG DSC03722.JPG DSC03723.JPG DSC03724.JPG DSC03726.JPG DSC03727.JPG DSC03728.JPG DSC03730.JPG DSC03731.JPG DSC03732.JPG DSC03733.JPG

Dear non-EU-ans. Insured shipping means a package is insured for the declared value, so when a package gets lost in the mail only the declared value can be claimed. This means that when you request customs-friendly shipping, you have to send me a mail/PM in which you request customs-friendly shipping, state the amount that has to be on the declaration-form, and declare that you are aware that you will only be restituted the declared amount should something happen with the package.
I don't really like having to arrange this like this, but I like spending close to €400 out of my own pocket because I tried to help even less ...