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Hey Sir Bart, How is................


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Stumpy doing my friend?
I just read the posts in "bad News" and wish you well
Hoping you are recovering quickly
Best wishes
It's healing nicely, Ralfy.
It will be months before my mind gets used to the new place of my former fingertip. I can touch the top of the new tip while I look at it, and it still completely feels as if some utterly other point in space is touched. (where that piece of skin used to be). It 's a very odd and funny sensation, but also very clumsy. When I try to pick up a pencil between my thumb and stumpex :lol: finger, I look like a very drunk guy trying to pick up a cigarette. I takes ultimate concentration, and yet it's all a matter of cerebral interpretation, because the nerves themselves are fully functional. My brain needs a reset to the new situation. That, so I was told, will take a long time.

But I'm fine, really.
Thanks everybody, for worrying.:)

Well done My friend, it takes more than most know to be ok with any kind of amputation large or small

Btw do you get "phantom" feelings from your missing finger tip? its very common apparently, the unconscious mind has a blue print of our physical self that takes a little re-programming
That has to feel weird! I'm trying to imagine it.

I guess you just have to use it as much as possible in order to adapt.

The mind is an interesting thing, isn't it?
I injured my Right Index finger that long ago I dont remember, but to this do I still use my Middle finger a lot instead, for holding things, rolling Smokes, typing, waving at people I dont care for ... that sorta thing :w00t:
tat2Ralfy said:
Btw do you get "phantom" feelings from your missing finger tip?

Phantom Itch!!!!!!!!

AAAARRRGGGG! Scratching thin air doesn't help...

DON'T remind me of it. It's like talking about lice. I bet your scalp is starting to itch right now.