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How far away are you guys holding the hair from the holding point,to the edge of razor, when performing hht. i have arazor le grelot from raspur, honed by him . he says it was honed on belgium then finished on 10k naniwa. I can hold at least a half inch to a inch away from edge at holding point. I just literaly rest the hair on the cutting edge , and it cuts efortlessly. this is with a very fine hair. The razor is an amazing shaver. I have dulled the edge and tryed to match it on my coticule. the result was i could'nt. I tryed twice and still could not. i did 15 laps on ti paste. the result was the same but with help of paste. Ti pate never fails me.Raspur if you check is website out says all you would need after coti is ti paste.So he does recomend it. i have on certain razors got better hht results from a thew mil or half an inch away. But never how raspur as on this la gerlot. even thought my razors will shave all the same. I just found the one from raspur was literaly no effort and cruised throught stubble.

i asked raspur why he does'nt shave of coticule. he says i'm sure you can get a very fine edge of the coticule but it takes so long thats why he moves to higher grit stone.he also says that ti rasoir gives the same edge as 10k naniwa would
Martin is a great guy and puts a really nice edge on razors. The few times I've tried the HHT, I did it much the same manner as you describe; a cm or so from where I'm holding.
I usually hold mine 1/2" or more from the holding point (usually get HHT-3 or 4 before I stop). I don't find that it takes all that long to do it, but it certainly takes more strokes than my synthetics
I’ve a Le Grelot :love: from Rasurpur too. Excellent shaver and very good honed by Martin :thumbup:

What I’ve noticed is that the T/I edge does not last so many shaves…may be because I’ve a very coarse beard…after five-ten shaves or so I had to give Le Grelot ten strokes on the Naniwa 12 000 and it was as sharp as when I bought it. That was before I bought a coti :blush:

HHT: I hold between 0,5-1,0 cm...:confused:

I’ve not tried any honing on Coticule with this razor…I cannot just make a razor dull when it is shave ready… I just cannot :w00t: :w00t: !

I’m still learning honing on coti and I do not want to risk my Le Grelot…I'm learning on cheaper E-bay razors...anyway I’ll try a Unicot test on it soon.
richmondesi said:
I usually hold mine 1/2" or more from the holding point (usually get HHT-3 or 4 before I stop). I don't find that it takes all that long to do it, but it certainly takes more strokes than my synthetics

Thats what i normly do about a cm or a bit less
HHT, right off the Coticule, depends very much on the hair: thick hairs at 2 or 3 cm, thin hairs closer to the holding point.
After stropping, I can slice the tip of a hair at any distance from the holding point. Hair thickness doesn't matter.

Concerning TI Le Grelot (and many other recent Thiers Issard models):
They tend to be very brittle and chip easily, sometimes already during the honing procedure, and certainly while shaving my coarse whiskers. Don't get me wrong: I consider this razors to be among the best shavers that are ever made. But I need to put a bit of a steeper bevel on them to get the magic. I guess that the early prototypes might have been tested with pasted strop sharpening. Because of the convexity, the bevel angle is steeper at the very tip. I used to hone these without any tape, and got the same problem every time. It always vanished when I rehoned them with 2 layers of tape (my tape is 0.15mm thick) attached to the spine, so now, that 's what I always do whenever I hone a the high end Thiers Issard's models. I actually do a Unicot: bevel stage with one layer of tape, finishing stage with a second layer. Starting on a narrow secondary bevel, the owner can do several very quick touch-ups that way. There's a guy who sends his TI Silverwing in about once a year. It's his sole razor and he shaves 3 or 4 times a week.

Kind regards,
My hair varies from to fine to very coarse. I have dark brown hair with a little grey:blush: I can hold them two inches out and it still pops, but my hair is about 4-5 inches long. I think the added weight on the outside of the blade from my hair makes it easier in some cases. For testing I hold it an inch out and cut in the middle.