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Hi from Germany :)


ok, the opening of was earlier than expected and I was so busy with fixing bugs etc. over the last 3 days, that I totally forgot to introduce myself here too.

My username shows my first name. Makes it easier for me :)

I am the founder of the German wet shaving forum "" and of this new forum

I used to shave with all the different Gillette cartrifge razor models (Turbo, Mach 3 etc.) for 20 years. Around 5 years ago, I started to switch to DE safety razors. Since over a year, I shave daily only with straight razors. I started with straight razors, because my moderators of the FdR basically seduced me to try it out.

I am very thankful for this! I enjoy it so much every day. I can not believe that I waited so long for this.

But why I founded the wet having communities FdR and SU?

The birth of the German FdR was a little bit like an "accident". Another German forum announced that they will close their doors and delete themselves. I was a member there.

To avoid this deletion, I offered my help to take over that forum (I run other forums for my other hobbies like photography, Espresso etc.). It turned out they did not want to do that, a few not so gentlemen-like things happened and so I decided to start a German wet shaving forum from scratch. That was the birth of the FdR in May 2018.

After a certain while, a rapid growth of the FdR and after a lot of positive feedback from producers of straight razors and safety razors regarding the way we manage the FdR forum, I realised that there is a demand out there for something similar like the FdR, but in English.

We discussed this internally and came to the conclusion, that we will try the same in English later in 2019.

So here we are. is now open. I am delighted about the very positive feedback from you guys and that so many people registered already within 48 hours, although it is not yet "ready" for the launch and we therefore did not do any marketing yet for it.

Please continue to spread the news about this new community. Word-of-mouth and referrals is the best way to get well known in the internet.

And have a lot of fun here! This is very important for us. This is our hobby. We do want to have fun with our hobby! :dance1

Best wishes
I am also very grateful for your efforts to develop a forum for us.

It might be nice for you to know that due to a chronic illness and its limitations it is a great outcome for me and I enjoy going through the forum for many hours a day and get a lot of joy out of it.

Also, by sharing my hobby with others in this way, I have made many beautiful friendships both through the email and / or members who regularly visit me at home.

So thank you again and also to the other administrators who make this possible for us. :)
I've spread the word to my shaving friends around the world. Thanks for starting this up!