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Hi from the Netherlands


I am really pleased to see the first members here. As You can see, we are almost finished with the setup of this new shaving community forum. We still have to fix a few things though. But as always I am very optimistic and hope that the majority of "cleaning" our new house is finished in a couple of days.

So thank you very much for joining us here today. Spread the news whereever you go. ShavingUniverse is now online and waiting for all of you to have a lot of fun here!

We really would like to duplicate the success story of our German sister site

Best wishes


Thank you also for your support with your donation! :buana

This was a record time from registration to donation... goodjob!
You are all so fast, I can not win in this race goodjob!

@Hans Koning

Thank you too for your donation. This motivates a lot to continue our efforts to make a grat place to join, to meet others and party with the members here!

It takes a lot of time and effort to run a forum so why not donate a little amount, it's like one less soap a year but you get a lot of fun and knowledge in return and make some friends along the way.