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Highjacked thread - my snakes


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I want to put this here instead of taking over Gary's thread or he'll never sell that stone.

Denny I don't know what you mean by housebroken as they are snakes, but...
I don't allow every snake to do this if this is what you mean (that's Dakota).

This is red he is missing :(

a normal baby

an anerythristic baby "gobo"

an anerythristic stripe "wembley"

A ghost baby with my baby (snake has no name, daughter is Cortland)

A motley "boober"

we plan on getting a couple of Brazilian rainbow boas this next year as well and a carpet python, a reticulated python and a yellow anaconda.



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They would probably drive my two cats up the wall, or vice versa. We have some very interesting gents on the ole c.b.


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Well.. I'll admit right here and now that I'd never want a snake in the house as a pet. I used to have a terrible fear of snakes.. My Mother had the fear also, and I believe her actions a comments put the fear into me. I've worked hard at overcoming the fear, and today I find snakes very interesting, and will linger and observe them outside. I'll even seek them out to a certain extent, so I've come a long way in overcoming the discomfort.
That said, it's good to see your children handle them comfortably and without fear. As parents, we so often inadvertantly saddle our children with our own hangups... often for the rest of their lives.

So, while it's not for me, snakes do have a place in the great scheme of things, and the fewer fears we pass along to our children, the better for all of us!


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Cool snakes. :thumbup:

I've had several snakes as pets and quite enjoy them. Although now if I tried to have one the wife would go balistic! :rolleyes:

I've mostly had local snakes with a red-tail boa thrown in here and there, nothing as exotic as yours and never that many at once.