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history of coticule


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Somebody may be interested in this: just noticed the following item on a history of "extraction, fabrication & commercialisation" of the coticules:

(hope the link works)
Mind, it's in french !!


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Thanks you, Wim.

I don't have that one yet, and placed a bid.

Kind regards,


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Bidding on that one,would be kinda like shooting yourself in the foot,right?
Sir Bart will happily share his knowledge with us,so we all save money:rolleyes:
Ofcourse Sir Bart wont...hmmm...:huh:



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I wanted to let you guys know, that I got outbid on the booklet.
Out of principle, I never place more than one bid on Ebay.

But thanks again for the heads up, Wim.

I am not closely monitoring Ebay for this kind of stuff, but in case any one spots these kind of publication that you don't want to bid on yourself, it's always appreciated if you posted about it.

Kind regards,


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decraew said:
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Well if it was they know that the SHITCA hit squad will be paying a visit with the old soapy keyboard now, and some say "They" operate like ninja!!
Bwhahahaha Bwhahahaha (Evil laugh) Bwhahahaha

Yours Sincerely
Ralfson (Dr) SHITCA Regulator, And Keeper Of The Gloves!!