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Founded in New York by a mr Hoffritz, an American of German descent, Hoffritz sold Solingen Razors and cutlery under their own name. Where they got their cutlery from, I don't know, but their razors were rebranded Merkur.

Here's my first Hoffritz, a 37:
DSC02135.JPG DSC02136.JPG DSC02137.JPG DSC02139.JPG DSC02141.JPG DSC02142.JPG DSC02144.JPG DSC02145.JPG DSC02146.JPG


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My Hoffritz by Merkur:



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A while back, @efsk told me about an extremely slanted Merkur that was quite rare. Only through many searches did I find a picture of one and it definitely was an extreme slant. I did not even search for one as I knew I would not be able to find one and if I did, it would probably cost a mortgage payment.

Recently I came across something that was listed as a Hoffritz Double Slant and took a look at it. It had that same extreme torqued head as the Merkur, however the Merkur had a faceted cap similar to the 37 (but more extreme) and was a design where the base was attached to the handle, also similar to the 37.

I received the Hoffritz Double Slant today and immediately noticed that the cap was domed and not faceted, and the razor was a regular three piece design.


I noticed on one side of the cap there was a round indentation. I believe it was for the purpose of blade flipping and not because it was a differential side razor.

I loaded a blade and shaved wit it tonight. The WTG pass was very smooth and efficient. When done, I realized that this could be a one pass plus touch up shave, which the only other razor I own that could do that was my RR Wunderbar. I decided to do a full ATG pass just to see how well the razor could shave with almost no whiskers left. I ended up with a two pass and no touch up BBS.

I am definitely impressed with this razor. Now I hunt for the Merkur version.


Sky high and six thousand miles away
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Nice one. A bit jealous as it's on my wantlist :)
The indentation is the same as on the Fasan slants. Matter of fact, these are almost as slanted as this razor and I've tested on my Merkur Double Slant: nearly interchangeble caps. Also comes in long screw version, which is what my Merkur is.


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My Hoffritz Slant: SAM_2353.JPG SAM_2355_cr.jpg
It's silver but I with a coating. Haven't tried anything to clean or polish it because of the coating (Advice?), I Did shave with it once, but as it is a merkur (which I have) I didn't find it different. The Razor emporium guy mentions it often and even made a Youtube.