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Hone n°12 of the Vault.


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I concluded assessment of n°12. It's an easy conclusion. Read everything written about n°10.
Both are from the "La Veinette" layer, but even within that layer's specifications, the similarities are striking. The manganese lines are the same. Coticule thickness is basically the same (It's not a thick one, but who cares? It will last you a lifetime and then some) The pale purplish BBW side is the same (which is not true for all "La Veinettes") Feedback and speed is the same. Sharpness of slurry is the same, although I marked this one +++/++ and N°10 a full +++. I'm not sure why. Maybe I was in a more generous mood when I stropped and shaved straight off slurry. I only try that if the razor is prepared to pop a thick hair on the HHT, coming off slurry. I can't compare them side by side, you have to blame Ralfy for that...:)

Hahahahahehehehehahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ivan buy it! buy it now! you know you will loose more sleep if you dont Ivan!
blade13 said:
Yes I have already sent an email to Bart. Thanks.

Should you change your mind about this stone for whatever reason, I'd like to book my turn in the queue for #12. You know, just in case... :rolleyes:

As mentioned in my mail, with the expression of an interest on #12 I don't revoke my hope (shoudn't I call it a desire?) :blush: for a lucky find of something bigger (as expressed in another thread). :)
Hi Maro,
I emailed Bart about this stone some time ago and he has put it aside for me. I think No.12 is the perfect stone for me given my experience with coticules. As I could not afford No.10 I just somehow knew a smaller version would eventually turn up. Now I have to be patient but the waiting is killing me.
Hi maro i have a 5x3 beautiful looking bbw/coti combo it on srp in classified I would except £100 for it it cut moderatly fast and polishes very well i'm in the uk so it should get to you fairly quik

cheers gary
Hi Ivan,

I perfectly understand your point (I'm a greenhorn with Cotis too). :)
As I can hardly follow the posts on the fly (damn all-day work), I just wanted to try my luck with #12 (in the unbelievable case you gave it up ;) ) after missing the chance with #10 (I was 2 days behind tat2Ralfy :sneaky: ).

So, no need to excuse. :thumbup:
maro said:
Hi Ivan,

after missing the chance with #10 (I was 2 days behind tat2Ralfy :sneaky: ).

So, no need to excuse. :thumbup:

Oh Sorry to hear that Maro,Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha :lol:

Seriously My friend I am sure which ever coti you get will be outstanding