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honing a frowning Dovo 5/8


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Hello guys,

Recently I bought another Dovo best quality, 5/8, as I wanted to have two of these razors in my rotation. This one I bought second hand, from a local auction, and upon trying to hone it I noticed a few problems. It has heavy hone wear, at about 1 mm, not equally on both sides though, and not uniform on every side, and so it has a slight frown. I don`t know how to hone this one, because I don`t have any course stone (just a Coticule), and I don`t want to remove more steel than necessary. What should I do with it? I was really thinking of selling it...

Here are some pictures that hopefully show what I`m talking about¤t=_DSC5701.jpg¤t=_DSC5698.jpg¤t=_DSC5697.jpg

Update: Sorry for the double post, the Matrix did it again, it said it was an internal error, however the message was posted... Please one of the associates delete the first post.Thanks!

Best regards,
Hmmmm. It would appear those links are dead.
You may want to double check the path to the photos and update the post.
If you need any help please let me know.

And now for the Dovo...
From whet you describe, I am almost sure the blade has a warp. To check for a warp lay the blade flat on the hone and check to see that the entire edge contacts the surface of the hone, then flip the blade and check again.
If the blade is warped you will notice only the point and heel contacts the surface of the hone, but when the blade is flipped, only the middle contacts the hone.

Please let us know the result.
Ok, let`s have another try at this, hope this works:

Edit: it didn`t work... Some help with the insertion of the photos would be much appreciated!

As for the blade, it is not warped. It was the first thing I checked... It lies flat on the hone, however the edge is slightly above where the frown is.
That razor looks like almost all Dovo "Best Quality" blades. It has a decent amount of hone wear on the spine, but that doesn't interfere with sharpening. I also see only a very minor frown, nothing that would affect how it shaves. During the next sharpening jobs, you could add a bit of roll to your honing strokes. That's always a good idea, since it steers the edge in the direction of a smile, undoing that minor frown.

I don't think it will require a coarse stone. Maybe it'll cost you a bit of extra time (depending on how flat the bevel faces are, or how dull it is), but a Coticule will work well for sharpening that razor. Just follow the information in this article, under the subtitle "bevel correction on a Coticule".

Kind regards,
i'm no expert but i have one of these , and it looks like its developed a square edge. so it seems like bart said i would roll it towards the end of the stroke to form a slight curved toe
Failing that you could always place your finger on the toe and then the heel of the blade when you do half strokes, this will help to work off the extra bit of steel and level the frown out

Ralfson (Dr)