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How did I do?


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Hey guys,

Got this

I actually got it for less than $300 so cdn. I checked and the razor alone goes for $249 plus coticule plus that wicked brush and strop. I don't know what I'll do with my coticule yet. I'll try both and probably keep the best one and sell the other one. AS far as the brush I will probably get rid of my penchetta 24 mm silvertip brush and keep this one.

If the articles are as advertised, you scored a tremendous deal. The Thäter brush is a killer, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the deal is kosher.

Edit: Elaboration: The seller has only two posts. Looks like a legitimate exception, though. You did pay with PayPal, right?

Good luck

I know that was one my concerns too. After extensive conversatin with the seller I was quickly reasured. THe brush alone goes for about $170! The guy had some arguments with his wife and kid and he had to get rid of his wet shaving stuff so..

He's also in Canada, so that's a bit plus for me. NO customs or anything like that. I will keep you guys posted when I get the package.

Looks like a beautiful set. But there's something hinky about that profile... how can he post anything on their Classifieds with only 2 posts, and a join date of the 28th, and it also seems as if his post have been deleted...?

Most curious....

I wish you luck...
Wow. That's a fantastic deal if legitimate. Sometimes I wish I looked at the classifieds more :lol:

Very nice deal. Well done! :thumbup:
Just received confirmation and tracking. He shipped express so it should be here wednesday!!!

Bart, have you had a chance to look at the stone to determine the layer?


Congrats. :thumbup:
It seems you got a great deal there. That very same razor is one of a handful on my wants list.
Good wishes and well done.
jfdupuis said:
Bart, have you had a chance to look at the stone to determine the layer?

It's impossible to see. There is not one picture with a clear focus on the Coticule.
But it seems like a good deal.

Kind regards,
Yes, as others mentioned, that is a very nice set. All of it looks top notch to me. I suppose just as many people get lucky as screwed to keep the world in balance. I am slightly curious as to why his wife had such a problem with the gear - it can't be money given the deal you'll hopefully be getting, but it is none of my business. Let us know how it turns out. Pictures are great too :thumbup:.
My wife had issues with the razors being about the house, until I bought a safe to put them in, away from the kids reach.
It's an understandable issue, if that was the case.

If it wasn't for the safe, I think the wife would have ended up in the classifieds! :sneaky:
Make sure to post some pics when everything arrives as well as a report of how everything works for you.
I too was looking at that post, but it was a bit too much money for me right now. I also have no need for another brush and am finding myself liking the smaller stones.
If he would have posted that about a month ago I prob would have gone for it though.
Well guys I got my package this morning! Everything looks top notch! The brush is super dense and soft as can be. The razor is in mint condition with no pitting or any signs of abuse. The coticule is very nice and smooth. The strop is huge and might need some breaking in before it performs at its best. I did a few quick (over my lunch hour) HHT test with the Wacker and it was "OK". I will play with it a bit more tonight and probably try 40-50 passes with water only to see if it improves it!
I am sincerely happy that transaction worked out for you. :thumbup: Keep us posted on how you like the equipment.
Thanks man! I can't believe how sweet of a deal I got! 7x2 coticule with slurry stone and Norton protective box, Dovo XL Russian Strop, HT brush and stand and a mint 7/8 wacker with case for $265 shipped.

Can't beat that!
Good stuff! I too am glad it worked out for you. So far I've had really good success dealing with people in this hobby.
That's a pretty nice piece of kit to get you started with. Everything in one, and for a steal of a price!
A few pics!

Don't be afraid to butt in if you can identify the coticule's layer.