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How do you order a natural combi?


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Hello, me again.

I'm very new to honing and I haven't even seen a coticule yet although I have one on order. Ardennes say on their website that all their coticules are backed with a kind of slate which is glued on - but some come with a natural BBW B side already in place because of the way the layers are next to each other in the ground. Is it possible to order these specifically? I have looked through all the links on this site and a few others and nobody who sells easily to the UK specifically sells a natural combi stone. Do some of the stones sold directly from Ardennes Coticule come like this randomly - or are they reserved for sale to people who request them specifically?

Thanks in advance,



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When you place the order, there is the opportunity to include a note. In that message, you can mention that you are a member of, that you are going to use the Coticule for razor sharpening and that you would prefer a natural combination Coticule-BBW. They will get back to you with an offer, that you can accept or decline. The initial order is just required for you to get in their system and to provide some customer information.

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