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How long will this stone last me?


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Hi guys,

I've been looking at the pictures of your coticules here and I'm feeling like mine is not the most awesome specimen.

Yours seems to have a lot of coticule on them, while mine only has a layer of about 3mm max.

Also does anyone have a very good, easy and safe method of smoothing and slightly rounding the edges on your coticule?

Please find below some pictures, please excuse the curious rabbit:

Your right, that rabbit is curious :D
I have no idea how long that coticule will last, but I do know the ones on here will last more than one lifetime
As for smoothing the edges, I use a flat Diamond knife sharpener, a bit like a small dmt but it has diamond shaped holes punched through it, you could however use anything abrasive that is harder than the stone, e.g. wet/dry paper, a fine file, pumice stone, etc, best do it wet and rinse off well after
Hope this helps
Best wishes Ralfy
For personal use: decades, my friend, decades... :)

For chamfering the sides, Ralfy said it. Put a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface in the sink, get the tap running, and lap a small 45 degree bevel at the sides.
Keep a small sip of hard liquor ready, to battle the emotions from seeing all that precious slurry go down the drain...:-/

Welcome at the Cafeteria, Jan.

I actually slightly rounded mine by making a sort of swooping motion on the sandpaper. I think I more than once ground an edge on the chamfer (noob here).
Resizing your photos to 548 pixels wide will do the trick, If you have a photo editor there should be a menu for resizing photos. In the Resize" photo dialog box, there should be a check-box that says "Maintain Aspect Ratio" or "Keep Aspect Ratio" or something like that, whatever it is, it will cause the automatic calculation of the pixel height when you type in the 548 for pixel width, then save and re-post the photo and you will be good to go.
This issue is being worked on but this is what our members who wish to post photos will have to do... sorry!

That Coticule will last a few lifetimes... Unless you decide to become a honemaster and use it as your working stone.
As the good folks already mentioned, run a bit of wet dry sandpaper or any other abrasive along the long edge to give it a nice round profile, it doesn't have to be much... no more than a millimeter or two of rounding will do, then wash and clean the stone with a soft brush.

If you have any issues please don't hesitate to post again, we are more than happy to help.