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how much is important the type of slurry stone?


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hello! i have two coticule slurry stone.....and it seems to be remove the metal of it seems to be faster....

it is my illusion?

A slurry stone? or do you mean the hone? No, it's not unusual, some stones are a bit faster than others. but any one will give you a good shaving edge.
I'm about to test the very same thing. My coti is very fine and very slow, too slow and too fine to do a proper dilucot. I rarely get a dark slurry when working a blade. But this week I came into possession of a tiny, cracked, and severly dished vintage combo coti. It was an eBay gamble that payed off. I pried the two pieces from the little rotted wood paddle, cleaned the two chunks, discovered that it was indeed a natural combo, and instantly had a matched pair of matched combo slurry stones.

My intention is to test one of them against the slurry stone that came with my new coti and see if it speeds up the early part of a dilucot. My hope is that my slurry honing will be much faster, and the water honing will be slow and fine. I'll write it up this week.
I know of a few people that carry multiple slurry stones and have their favorites which they use more than others, so I don't think your theory is far fetched at all.

Another thing to try is raising BBW slurry on the coticule, I've done that too and it's fun to experiment with it. I use slurry on all my hones though, it's what makes honing fun! :thumbup: