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How to get notified by email about new postings/threads?

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How to get notified by email about new postings/threads in a specific forum?

With this new forum software, you can customize a lot. In case you want to make sure, that you do not miss a single posting or thread within a specific section of the forum, you can make your individual settings for email notifications for each forum.

You first select the forum of which you want to have the email notifications from. In the example it is the Straight razor - maintenance forum:



As a second step you click on the upper right hand side on "Watch Forum":


Then you select whether you want to be informed only about new threads or also about new messages.

Only if you select "new messages " as shown below, you will be notified about both, threads and new postings in already existings old threads.


Finally do not forget to make the checkbox for Email and/or Alerts and click on "Watch"

If you want to get notifications about new postings in all forums, simply go through each subforum and make the settings for each forum. That does not take longer than maybe 3 minutes.

As a standard setting, you will be notified if someone replied in your own thread or answered to your posting.

To disable or reenable this, please go in your userprofile and change this setting accordingly.
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